Pre Contract Information

What you need to know:

You do not need a claims management company and can make a claim yourself, free of charge. If your claim is unsuccessful you can refer it to the Financial Ombudsman Service. If your  financial advisor is no longer trading you may be eligible to claim from the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.
You can cancel without any charge within 14 days of signing an agreement with us and after that, cancellation fees may apply. Please see the Term of Engagement, clause 2.

What you need to do:

Read all the information provided.
Read and if you agree, sign the Terms of Engagement and Letters of Authority.
Provide us with any documents or information we may need for your claim.
Keep us up today with any information we may need to know.
Arrange for the prompt settlement of our fee, plus VAT where applicable. If not, we reserve the right to refer the debt to a collection agency.

What we will do:

We will request your client file regarding your adviser or financial firm.
Our experts will discuss your claim with you over the telephone and assess your circumstances at the time you received the advice and made the investment. (Investments can include, pensions, stocks and shares, ISAs or other investments).
If we consider you have a valid claim, we will let you know and start the claims process.
We will keep you updated on the progress of the claim by email, telephone and/or post. If there is a change in the claim we will get in touch otherwise we will update you every three months.

Costs explained:

We will charge you a fixed fee of 25% plus VAT (total of 30%) of the gross amount of compensation you receive from your claim. An example of our fees are as follows:

Compensation paid Our fee 25%
plus VAT (total 30%)
You would be left with
£1000 £300 £700
£3000 £900 £2100
£10000 £3000 £7000

Please note the above fee illustration is not to be taken as an estimate of the amounts we are likely to recover.

Your right to cancel:

You have the right to cancel our agreement by telephone,  email or in writing within 14 days of signing the contract. You will not be charged. If you cancel this agreement after the 14 day cooling of period, our cancellation fees may apply. We reserve the right to charge £160 (plus VAT) per hour for the work we have carried out for you up to the time of cancellation.


If you are not happy with our service in any way, you can contact the Managing Director by telephone, email or in writing. Our details are; Sophia House | 28 Cathedral Road | Cardiff | CF11 9LJ | Tel 029 2000 2325 | Email